Jan 13, 2011

a new year harvest

Oh look, just some broccoli that I GREW MYSELF! 


Ok, not by myself. With the help of Carol and The Judge. But still. Pretty cool, right? 

We only planted three plants. I didn't realize that you only got one broccoli piece per plant. Farmer Tay has learned her lesson. Next harvest? At least 20 plants. 


Because it was so delicious. I must have more.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, I'm impressed and jealous of your farm girl skills.

Summer said...

go farm girl!! I always overplant so we end up with four hundred heirloom tomatoes in a single week! have you really gone invitation only, or did I get scammed?

Unknown said...

My, how it grew (and grew) -- it was just a baby when I saw it at Christmas!!! plant some for me, too....yum, yum...bee

Corie said...

Go girl! You make an excellent gardner!

Sandy B. said...

one bite per plant. that seems like a cruel trick. but the broccoli looks yumm daddy. what's up with this invitation thing? please explain as you know i have trouble with all things world wide web related.

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