Jan 4, 2011

Adri Believes

Today's list is from my DDD sorority sister, Adri. 

Adri cracks my shit up and I miss our days living in Mountain View. :) 


I believe…

…at 28 that it’s totally normal to talk to my mom every single day

…that you need to live in the moment and spend less time thinking about tomorrow

…that my dog’s paws smell like nacho cheese doritos

…that if it is not on PerezHilton.com, it’s not news ;)

…in a clean house, but not in the act of cleaning a house

…that every girl deserves at least one expensive purse and an expensive pair of shoes

…that flip flops should be worn all year long

…that laughter truly is the best medicine – especially laughter with snorts

…in following your heart, but making sure your head is on board too

…in the magic of Disney, -Walt, -land, -movies, -mouse ears, anything Disney
“All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney

…in friend dates

...in taking lots and lots of pictures

...in using your words passionately, wisely and intelligently

...in the New York Giants (even though they break my heart.....*sigh*)

...in reminiscing with friends and family...even though sometimes it's the same story over and over (I still love to hear it!)

...in MYSELF!


Thanks for playing Aids! 

{best animal Christmas card photo ever}

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Summer said...

oh I didn't know you were a tridelt tay...
we also love disney and the kind of whimsical magic that comes with those ears.. i just wish they didn't make their princesses so thin and busty..

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