Jan 27, 2011


When I was in high school, I used to check the weather page in the newspaper every day I was at my dad's house. After reading what the weather was going to be like for school, I would check the weather for San Francisco. I have always loved it there and have dreamt about moving there for years. Well, my dream came true! I have accepted a fantastic job and am moving home to California. I will be in Palm Springs for six months, then moving to lovely San Francisco. 

..........contented sigh...........................

When my cousin found out he texted, 'when you wish upon a star!'

I am thrilled. 

Blog posts will be sparse, as I have to pack my condo, rent my condo, cry good bye to friends and family in Phoenix and head West ALL in the next seven days. 


But good crazy. 

See you in California! 

I'm coming home!

{p.s. I will be listening to this song and this song the entire drive}


Peter Faur said...

Congratulations, Tay! I lived in the Bay Area for a year. You will love it.

JuliAnna said...


Sandy B. said...

yeah for wishing upon stars.

teamBoo said...

jealous! I am from the bay area!...now im stuck in crap bag AZ. breathe in some fresh ocean air for me :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Congrats! I'm making a move myself!

Julie Kiefer said...

waaaaah, sob, sniff. Love you.

Amber said...

That's so amazing! Congrats to you :D The Bay Area is so beautiful. I did a semester at school there when I was studying fashion design and it was such a great experience! Enjoy :D

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