Sep 8, 2010

did I tell you...

....that I am posting every day until Christmas? Just like CJane? Because I love to copy her ideas? And, evidently, I also love using question marks in inappropriate places that aren't really questions? 

Anyway, I know you're probably saying, 'posting every day until Christmas? 

1) That's crazy 
2) you didn't post yesterday, so wth?' 

Well, CJane told me (see exhibit A) that if I miss a day I can post two in one day according to her rules.

exhibit a

exhibit b (i didn't want there to be only one exhibit. and who doesn't love some sweet baby butt cheeks? via weheartit)

I am super pumped that CJane kind of spoke to me.

Look for another post later today to make up for my absence yesterday, per CJane Rules (see exhibit a).


Anonymous said...

you can do it taytay.

Alicia said...

every day til christmas??? dang it girl. i like a challenge...i think i just might do it...i hope people don't mind the crazy crap that's gonna be headed their way! lol!!

Sandy B. said...

i want to see the rest of that baby.

Ryan G said...

I approve of "until the end of the year" resolutions. I adopted a "No Polo Shirts the rest of the year" resolution. Then I broke it today already (damn).

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