Sep 2, 2010

summer pasta recipe


Today I am going to share a delicious pasta I concocted a couple of weeks ago. 

Lucky for you, I documented my effort with my trusty camera. 

Ready, ok! 

  Boil some fusilli. I think fusilli is my favorite pasta. It boils evenly and holds the ingredients in its grooves.

Cook some broccoli to desired firmness {that kind of sounds dirty. blush!}

Just before your pasta is finished boiling, throw in some frozen peas. Drain (duh).

Add goat cheese and broccoli that you have boiled to your desired firmness {*^-^*} <-----that's a blushing-face-emoticon because I said 'desired firmness' again (here is an explanation of what an emoticon is for my mom and grandma who are not hep to the computermachine lingo) Watch, my mom will probably leave a comment saying, 'I knew what that was MISSY!'

Add spinach leaves and pine nuts once the goat cheese is all melty and stirred around evenly. 

Serve with a simple green salad with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

Reward your culinary effort with a glass {or bottle; I won't judge} of crisp white wine. My favorite cheap white lately is    La Ferme Julien Blanc aka 'The Goat Wine.' $6 at your local Trader Joe's!


**I didn't measure ANYTHING in this recipe. I just kind of threw it all in there. 

I wish I knew how to make my photos all the same size. 


Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Looks yummy!
Good work, MISSY!

Lidia said...

Looks lovely! I will have to try it very soon.

Sandy B. said...

emoticon, schmnoticon is all i have to say MISSY. it takes way to long to make those slash and greater than faces and i usually have to turn my head sideways to figure them out anyway. once again i am impressed by your creative genius. cooking, writing, snapping photos. it makes me want to start singing the "Angoli" perfume commercial song. i can bring home the bacon, (DA DA DA DA DA) fry it up in the pan (DA DA DA DA DA)

Ryan said...

I tried to skip the text and just figure out the recipe by just looking at the pictures. I read the first step as "drink copious amounts of wine, then boil some fusilli".

funny in the 'hood said...

Taylor this looks awesome! Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely make it soon :)

Unknown said...

Yumdiddily MISSY -- think you will have to join the crew on America's Top Chef --xxx bee

mina said...

I didn't actually read that link, but if it doesn't work, I'm sure you could find a simple tutorial online.

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