Sep 29, 2010

this pleases me


I am way too tired to write today, so here are some of my favorite internet finds from the last couple of days. 


#1 Cute Monkey Cake. I think I found this on Joanna Goddard's blog?

#2 Cute wedding stuff in my hometown! Yet another reason to move home.As if I didn't already have enough. 

#3 Best food idea since bacon wrapped tater tots. And so easy! I think I will make them when my mom comes to town in a week and a half.  These also look delicious.

#4 Adorable children from Michelle Woo's blog. 

#5 HUGE news. I have found the perfect fall boots. I was drooling over the amazing photos on Blue Lily's blog and spotted them. I have been on the hunt for the perfect fall boot for about four years now. My birthday, awesomely, coincides with the Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale. EVERY year I browse online and in store to find the perfect fall boot. Sometimes I find one that I love, I order it, and for some reason or another it never works out. Boo. These ones look PERFECT!  However, I have no idea how to get them and I doubt they come in my size. Not only because I have huge feet, but because they are kid boots.  The search continues. Ho hum.

That is all. 

Photo is from my boudoir. Do you like my pony?

p.s.- did you know that the word boudoir comes from the french verb to pout? So really, the boudoir is the pouting room. This pleases me.

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