Sep 10, 2010


I have some music topics that I would like to discuss;

1) Please listen to this song, this song and this song this weekend. I feel that they are good songs to listen to no matter what the weather. Do you have certain songs you like better when it's cold outside or warm outside? I definitely do. The songs I've suggested are good year round and are perfect for this season-straddling time of year. They can be enjoyed with a crisp cocktail on a warm summer evening or cozied up on the couch with a soul warming glass of red wine and your favorite blanket. Enjoy.

2) I've been thinking about Music Monday and have been considering adding a playlist to my blog that I update every week, instead of doing a (sometimes cheesy/poorly made) youtube video. However, sometimes blogs that have an auto playlist bother me. For example, when I'm reading a blog with my music off and decide to switch windows because I must watch a youtube video of, say, corgis doing belly flops, for example, it totally bugs when I turn on the speakers and I can't figure out where the music is blaring from. Is it the youtube video? Is it another window open? Have I finally cracked and now hear songs in my head that aren't really there? 

Do you know what I mean?

3) Dear Pandora, 

This is not Louis Armstrong. I believe it is Duke Ellington, but it is most definitely not Satchmo. Please correct this issue. 


Kara said...

I HATE auto play music on blogs. For a sec I thought you were talking about my blog, because I totally posted that corgi flop video a few weeks ago (lols), but then I realized I wasn't silly enough to have an auto-play playlist and felt better.

Jason Hudson Dot Com said...

Music is very seasonal for me. I'm big into Antony and the Johnsons right now.

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