Sep 24, 2010


Here are my WINS from yesterday;

1) The prescriptions that the pharmacist told me would cost $60 only cost $15. Score!

2) Individually wrapped hand sanitizer. Perfect for the doula-on-the-go! I just love things that are individually wrapped. Although, I do feel guilty when I buy things that are individually wrapped. It all started when Dawn Schafer decided to save the planet in book #57 Dawn Saves the Planet, and yells at Claudia Kishi for having individually wrapped candies. Yes, I still think about The Baby-sitters Club and how it relates to my life. Quite often, actually. For those of you who never read the books, I'm sorry. For those of you who were fans of the Baby-sitters Club, you're welcome.

3) A lovely card from my wonderful marmie.

4) WITH a Trader Joe's gift card. She can always sense when I am at my Broke Phi Broke-est. Also, she is coming to visit in three weeks, so she prolly needs me to start stocking up on the Jesus Juice. We tend to go through a lot when she visits. We just get so thirsty in this dry desert!

Did you have any wins yesterday? I hope so.

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