Jul 23, 2009


This is one of the saddest articles I've ever read.

So this 8 year old survives the dictatorial, dysfunctional rule of warlord Charles Taylor (now on trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity)........spends who-knows-how-many years in a refugee camp.......is placed in Phoenix.......and is RAPED by her peers.

Because she wanted some bubble gum. That's right, they lured her with bubble gum.

Then, her parents blame her for being victimized and disown her for bringing shame on the family.

She's now with Arizona CPS who, quite possibly, have one of the WORST reputations in the country for their ineptitude and corruption AND WHO'VE HAD THEIR BUDGETS CUT by such a large amount that they've had to eliminate substance abuse counseling for 'borderline' parents and have had to eliminate almost 200 positions in the agency (good call Gov. Brewer).

I felt the need to call CPS to see if there was ANYTHING the community could do for this poor little love. I just wanted to send her a blankie, or a friggin My Little Pony, or Ayaan Hirsi Ali's autobiography or something. The first person I spoke to had NO idea who I was referring to (this case has been ALL over the local and national media), the second person I spoke to transferred me, the third person said, "Uh, no, um, I don't think she needs anything."

I beg to differ.

Sorry for such a depressing post. Misery loves company.


Corie said...

So awful, poor lil girl....Nothing ceases to amaze me anymore! Let me know if you find out about helping out, would love to do something for her!:)

Alicia said...

nooo...that makes me sick...the poor baby. maybe you should send something anyway! you have such a good heart :)

Annie said...

that's just horrible :(
my heart is aching for that poor little girl.

Mimi said...

Next week's show and tell is a Person, not a family member though, a friend, a neighbor someone whom you have met that has made an impact or touches your life in some way!!!!
Have fun and look forward to your show and tell!!!!
I'm working on the week to week list right now and i'll post it so you know far in advance what it will be!!!!

Mimi said...

Very sad story by the way, sexual abuse is sickening to me and I just found out a family member was abused as a child and it makes me just want to curl up in a ball and go scream somewhere when I think of it.
God Bless her and protect our little ones every day

Domestic Bliss & FOUND said...

I feel the same way about this story- it is heartbreaking~ what will happen to this little girl? So sad.

On a happier note- you won our happiness drawing on our blog- so Congrats!!!! If you want to drop in anytime next week and pick it up~ YAY!
Or, you can come next Thursday night as we have the last hurrah at M & Co!
6-10pm Party at M & Co-
Have a great weekend!

Julie Kiefer said...

The saddest part is how common this problem has become and how completely damaging it is. From my professional experience, there are many people who have been able to recover with the support of loved ones and mental health professionals. Sadly, however, it is much more common that these victims suffer for the rest of their lives.

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