Jul 27, 2009

Winner! In Oh So Many Ways.....

So, I have won a ridiculous amount of things in the past two weeks. AND, I've won all of them through blogging or twitter. Here is my list;

1. Tickets to Arsenic and Old Lace
2. A $25 gift card that I won by guessing a number between 1 and 1,000. I was the closest to the number, and was only 7 off! Gift card is from AZ Media Watch for Basha's (an Arizona grocery store).
3. An in home exhibit/installation for one month from awesome local photographer, Tyson Crosbie.
4. A bag of happy from Domestic Bliss.

I've been having a really hard time lately, with life in general.
I love blogging because it allows me to put my best, most shiny, happy face forward.
A sort of 'fake it 'till you make it' mentality.
It helps me to focus on the things that are GOOD and HEALTHY and FULFILLING.
So, I think the universe has recognized that I've been having a hard time and has been giving me prizes because it knows that presents make me happy. :)

So, thanks.

But, four things in two weeks?
That's a little excessive.
Let someone else have a turn!

I'm doing ok now.



Corie said...

Oh Tay...you lucky girl you! I am so happy that I get to see you and Miss Julie this coming weekend at the delta reunion. Will you girls be poolside Sat to meet Miss C?? I will give you a big hug when I see you.....but it sounds like luck is going your way, so you are ROCKIN it now!:)Post a pic of your goodies from domestic bliss!

Annie said...

sounds like you needed those prizes hun :)
i'm happy for you that you won em!

Alicia said...

winner winner chicken dinner!! i'm glad you won, now you have to share it with me!! hhaaaa! i'm funny... i'm so excited to watch the bachelorette tonight i could pee myself! hope you're having a great day tay! oohhh that rhymes...

Joye said...

i saw on Domestic Bliss' blog that a Taylor K had won and thought it MUST be you! Congrats! (from Kel's Mom) : )

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