Jul 31, 2009

Ayuda me, por favor!

I help a friend who owns a wine bar/restaurant in Phoenix with her social media, a little bit of marketing/PR and special events. We've decided to host a speed dating event next month!!!

What are some fun questions to add to the questionnaire that I'm sending to the participants?

I want to go above and beyond the standard!

Help me out bloggers!


Domestic Bliss & FOUND said...

I have got to think about this question- but do keep us posted on this event- I have 2 single handsome brother in laws I would like to encourage to go!

Corie said...

You should ask them to list there dreams or life goals. Not only is that a start to a conversation, but for some a deal breaker. You can tell a lot about someone based off of there goals/dreams, especially if they are things you have no interest in!:)

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