Jul 30, 2009

Seven Summer Essentials

Below are my Seven Summer Essentials, per MamaKat's instructions.....

The pool at the Judge's house.
The Judge and Carol are my uncle and aunt.
When you swim at their house you get to listen to NPR and drink beer.
So refreshing!
The ocean.
Aaaaaaah, how I miss my Pacific.
I'm very glad I got to see it this summer.
This is me gazing at Alana's wedding.

The best summer fruit!

Snow cones make me VERY happy in hot hot Phoenix.
For more on Snow cones, please see the post below.

Suave coconut body wash.
Pretty sure I've been using this during the summer since I was 12??
AND, it costs around $1.
CRAZY delicious, affordable, moisturizing, amazing.
#6 Colore Science mineral refreshing facial mist.
I love spritzing mon visage with this stuff!

And I've saved the best for last.
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.
I'm usually more of a red girl,
but this white is SO crisp and refreshing!


Annie said...

Loving all the essentials!
My #1 would be a pool as well! Thankfully my parents have one, only 3 minutes away from my house.....they also provide endless beverages ;)

Sandy B. said...

dude how about the smell of summer sorbet and freesia body mist from bath and body works. i liked to put it in the fridge, pack it in the beach cooler and then spritz it on at the beach. oh you don't have a beach in PHO. sorry. summers were sure fun when you were a little tyke. beach, baths, naps and little golden babies. mother

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