Jul 14, 2009

Shake Face

I'd like to introduce you to one of my FAVORITE games.
Only super cool people play.

It's called Shake Face.
I learned of Shake Face while hanging

out with our friend
(and mom's former employee)
Jocelyn and her friends are super fun.
If you go out with them, be sure to stretch your liver

& be prepared for an insanely fun night.

I try to introduce Shake Face to as many people as possible. I love that the point of the activity is to have the ugliest face ever. It takes a lot of the posing-pressure off that comes with traditional photographs.

Here's how you play;
1) let your hair down

2) completely relax your face

3) shake your face as hard and fast as you can

4) have someone take a photo

**you can do self portrait shake-face but it makes the photos blurry**

So here are some VINTAGE Shake Face pictures from Jocelyn's polka-dot birthday party at my mom's house.
Jocelyn and Kelsey
Jocelyn and Kelsey
Kelsey Solo
Jocelyn and Jeff

Jocelyn and Jeff

Group Shake

Group Shake Face Close Up

and some new shake face.....

Self Portrait Shake Face at the Cooper's Memorial Day get-together.

Julie and Taylor Shake Face
*I love having Julie as my AZBFF because she will do silly stuff like this with me*

Shake Face at Joe's
Self Portrait Shake Face
Joe Shake Face

Julie Shake Face

then there's cough face.......

...and obese face.....

......but I'll save those galleries for another blog post.

And just so you can see what non-shake face silly putty face Julie looks like......

Julie and Taylor (dance machines) at JuliAnna's bachelorette.

Now I want ALL of you to


Julie Kiefer said...

An important shake face tip, don't smile. You really have to let your face go...it makes for a much shakier shot! :)

Taylor K said...

good advice. you are a wise woman.

Alicia said...

hahaa! too cute!! i'll have to make my kids do this tomorrow...i'll email you the pics!

Corie said...

Tay, you are SO funny! I WILL try this sometime!!:)

Nicole said...

Very very cute!

Annie said...


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