Jul 17, 2009

kids jeopardy

Alex feels awkward......
Has anyone been watching Kids Week on Jeopardy?
It has been pretty intense, but I've been doing pretty well.
Here are my fave contestants so far.........
This is Zachary from Deer Park, NY.
He wants to be a musician or a drawer
and used the word 'incidentally' in his video bio on line.
He is super cute and chubs
and is very excited to be a Jeopardy contestant.
He plays 6 instruments.
This is Ethan from Austin, TX.
He wants to be the Chairman of the Federal Reserve when he grows up.
For real.
He is super skinny and his voice cracks a lot.
He thinks the best part about being a kid
is having a 35 hour work week (approximately)
as opposed to a 40 hour work week.
He also has a fear of round objects flying at his head.
This is Savannah from Charlotte, NC.
She is very confident and poised. I thinks he might take it all.
She sees herself in college in ten years. Me too Savannah.
This is Sophia from Newark, DE.
She thinks she's in the top five or so of her class, but she's not totally sure.
When the camera panned to her at the beginning of the show
she had a sassy little hand-on-the-hip-pose
that I'll definitely be using the next time I'm on Jeopardy.


Alicia said...

haha!! i love jeapordy! especially on SNL!! hahaaaa!

AmyK said...

Kids' week on Jeopardy! I had no idea! Alex does look awkward, though. He doesn't strike me as a kid-person...

A "cheery" disposition said...

can't believe I didnt know there was a kids week on jeopardy. What a great idea for that show.

Anonymous said...

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