Apr 1, 2010

30 Days

Today I am starting a 30 day
blog challenge. 
No fooling.
I had dinner at Postino
with a friend on Tuesday
(my HRC life partner, actually, 
but more on that later) 
and he told me about his
30 day blog challenge. 
So I've decided to do one as well! 
And I think you should do one as well. 
I'll be blogging every day in April and 
I'm thinking of doing a giveaway. 
What do you guys think of giveaways? 
Are they cheesy?
Are they desperate attempts
to get more readers? 
I would really appreciate your feedback.

{Photo credit www.weheartit.com 
I know it has nothing to do 
with this post, really, but I 
searched *30* on we heart it and
this photo showed up in 
my search results
and I heart Fred and Ging
so I decided to use it.}


SM said...

i love free stuff :) Give it all away!

Taylor K said...

Whoo hoo! Just got an email from Steph saying that she is participating in the 30 day challenge minus weekends and country thunder. Check out her blog. http://stephaniepr.blogspot.com/

Sandy B. said...

everybody likes presents so give give give away

Anonymous said...

so 30 day challenge is you blog all 3o days, i could handle that, consider me challenged for 30 days too!! and give away stuff, matter of fact give away my stuff, and your package is almost complete,luvs to you!!

Summer said...

hmm I don't know if my husband can handle me posting EVERYDAY!! But I love giveaways, I just haven't won any. I was scared to do one, because.. well.. I hate going to the post office.

Phoenix said...

I think giveaways are lovely things if done right...and I think you'll have a fantastic one, as you seem to have very good taste :)

I wish I had the time to blog for 30 days...oy vey!

Tony said...

Everybody loves free stuff! It's a great way to let your fans know you care. OK, maybe there's a little tiny bit of hope that I'll get more followers...

Welcome to the challenge! Hooray! Be sure to post on twitter as #30daybc


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