Apr 27, 2010


My friend Justin came over to 
visit with Roomie and I on Friday night. 
He has a friend who is in Cleveland 
for a few months for work. 
He wanted a Wendy's cheeseburger
so googled 'wendy's cleveland.' 
 He found this review. 
Watch out Yelpers. 
It's the best I've ever read. 

'Wendy's be BAWLIN' yo. 
Chicken nuggitz be crispy
like you never SEEN.
I tried one and wuz like 
You crazy Wendy!'
Mean girls be workin the friers tho. 
Dis one chick wouldn't even let me holla.
I wuz like 'please girl you ugly anyways.'"

Amazing, right? 

p.s. I have Justin reading this on video. 
Now I just need to figure out how to 
upload a video. 
Anyone know what is going on with blogger 
Why can I only add photos from Picasa, URL and 
photos I've previously posted? 

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Summer said...

awesome review! Can't wait to see the video..

To upload a video you have to change your settings back to the old blogger using the preferences tab on your dashboard. and then click on the little camera, or even easier, is to upload it to youtube and then embed the html on the edit html part of your post. (this is how I did the kids)

you should still be able to upload images from your computer by clicking the choose file button. it scrolls through your folders differently than the old version, but still works.

Hope that helps, love your blog!!

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