Apr 4, 2010

happy easter

i hope you're having a lovely holiday. 
i spent all day yesterday 
dying easter eggs,

making delicious cupcakes 
that used a pound and 
a half of butter

{that's right. 
a pound and a half. 
feel free to blame Ina Garten's 
coconut cupcake recipe for
the obesity epidemic},
and preparing the famous macaroni 
salad. I made an obscene amount
so that everyone would have leftovers. 

p.s. be sure to check out 
www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com 's 
awkward easter photos. 
there are some pretty awesome ones. 

p.p.s. my friend Nina just sent me a text asking
what kind of cupcakes I ended up 
making. I wrote back 
Ina Garten coconut and my iPhone
spellcheck changed Garten 
to Fatten. 
The iPhone is on to you Ina. 


Anonymous said...

Have a hoppy day !

Summer said...

This is so funny, and also, now I think I want cupcakes.

Alicia said...

awww fun! hope you had a great easter!! and cupcakes sound amazing right about now!

Phoenix said...

LOL now I want fatten cupcakes!

Tony said...

HA! I love it! Thanks for making me LOL.

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