Apr 12, 2010

this weekend....

I completed Doula training classes
{more on that this week}, dog sat, baby sat, 
slept, drove A LOT, fell asleep 20 minutes 
into watching 
Where the Wild Things Are 
{I NEVER fall asleep in movies}.

what did you do? 


jess said...

i watched WTWTA, too! we must be twins.

Corie said...

A doula??! So cool! I have thought of using a patient of mine during my next labor, since an epidural was persuaded to me with Camdyn. We'll see....guess I will decide when I get prego again! Congrats to you...go Tay! xo

Corie said...

My patient is a doula, I left that out.:) But now Ihave 2 to choose from!!:)

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