Apr 13, 2010

Hold Please

making phone calls is my 
least favorite part of my job.

i am not a phone person. 

i don't like chatting about random stuff
with friends or strangers.

i prefer texting or emailing. 

impersonal, i know.  

perhaps i would enjoy making phone calls 
if i had a cool phone like the ones 
above? especially the batman/pizza phone.   

**all photos were found on weheartit.com


Phoenix said...

I totally want the skull one.

I know a lot of people intimidated by the phone... it sucks. :(

Summer said...

I love reading your blog, it makes me giggle. I also hate the phone.. I have no need of batman, I think I would like a phone that has cocktails, supernanny, and time warp.

Sandy B. said...

i like batman and pizza. if you use a really obnoxious vice when you are on the phone people will want to hang up quickly. you have a very sweet phone voice so it makes people want to talk to you so they can get some of your goodness, that is why. pepperoni please.

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