Apr 2, 2010


Last night I dreamed of Axolotl races 
(no joke) 
and of choosing my colors
for my non existent wedding. 
I went with blue, which we know would never
happen in real life because 

what did you dream of?


Sandy B. said...

i like it when you do the linkey thing that takes you to other web places. smiley face. my dreams were toilet paper that was made of all different kinds of colorful crepe paper and ribbon and fabric. kinda of like a surprise ball if i knew how i would put a linkey thing here so that all of your readers could see cute surprise balls. ps i am going to make them as my next craft. pink ones.

Anonymous said...

i dreamed of the color blue, and in the color blue. which makes me want to paint in blue only for a while.It was super sureal, almost as if it were glowing?

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