Apr 3, 2010


I think that I am anti-kindle. 
I like holding a book or magazine
and I absolutely love it when my 
bed is covered with different 
sections from the NYT 
and I am blanketed with news, art, culture 
knowledge and wedding announcements.

I do, however, love the Kindle commercials. 


Anonymous said...

I also love those commercials!!

Mimi said...

I have loved that song and commercial from the very moment I heard it!!!!!I have looked on Amazon .com for a cd from ANNIE Little----
and none available!!!!I have it downplayed to play through my commercial, I have that darn lovely song memorized, I want the CD!!!!!!
thanks for the compliment on my cupcakes!!!!!!

Tony said...

I'm with you... there's something about holding a book or a magazine or the paper. Besides, books make a person appear smart. If we get rid of books.. what will we use to decorate our living rooms?

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