Apr 28, 2010


I am having a really hard time 
posting photos to this thing. 
So, they're just going to be wonky. 

A few months ago I won a really great 
blog giveaway from the Domestic Bliss. 
If you are in Arizona and haven't been to DB
then you are SOOOO missing out. 
They're {if I understand correctly} opening DB 
in a new location and are opening a brand new
store this weekend in the old location called FOUND.
Below are the fun things I won in the 
DB Blog giveaway.

I can't space these photos properly
so I'm going to give you 
the descriptions all at one time. 

#1- Cool bag that I now use to pack my lunch in.
#2- polka-dot cuff
#3- deliciously scented soap
#4- leopard lip gloss ball
#5- Happy Gum, for my crappy life
{please see packaging, that's what it says}
#6- An ice cream cone! But it's not real ice cream. 
#7- It's a manicure set! Ta-da!

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