Apr 12, 2010


Just realized that my dad and step mom are coming into town this weekend, NOT next weekend like I thought. PANIC has set in. Here is the list of things I should probably do before their arrival; 

- Get car washed
- Get hair cut/manicure/pedicure
- deep clean house
- paint bedroom 
{I still have paint samples on my bedroom walls from 
- lose 30 pounds

I will probably not do any of
these things.

the judgement day is upon us. 

quelle horreur


Alicia said...

hahaa! you crack me up woman!! i'm sure you'll have a blast this weekend! but heck, i'd go get the mani pedi for sure!

Julie Kiefer said...

I agree, can I join you for the mani pedi?

Sandy B. said...

wash the car, shove everything under your bed, dust and vacuum then distract them with a nice fruit and cheese platter and some wine. suggest that you all get a mani pedi together.

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