Apr 7, 2010


I am home in bed right now. 
I should be at work
but I decided to take the 
morning off because my 
gosh darned allergies
kept me up last night
I tossed and turned.
Then in the shower this morning
I got a bloody nose that I couldn't stop! 
So I sent an email to my boss telling 
him I would be in at noon. 
Noon is a much better work start time than 8:30,
don't you think?
I've spent the morning listening to NPR, 
reading blogs
and eating Nerds
{the candy, not the people}
 from my Easter basket
 in my bed.
Because I'm an adult.
And adults are allowed to have 
candy for breakfast.
In their beds.  

**photo courtesy weheartit.com 


Clarissa Jane said...

that is TOTALLY what i would have done. i love nerds!!

Phoenix said...

Boo, feel better. And don't eat nerd people, we're very nice! lol

Iva said...

oh no!! feel better!!!

Tony said...

If I was there, I would've persuaded you to watch my new Sticky and Sweet DVD. We could've spent the morning rehearsing Madonna's choreography. We should plan a wine date around that.

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