Apr 6, 2010

Work Stuff

So, the new job is going well so far. 
I was a little uncomfortable when I arrived 
on the first day because the IT person gave us
headsets which are SOOOO Office Space. 

Although I rarely use the headset for phone calls
{only when I have to secretly listen in on someone
else's phone call for training purposes} 
I have discovered two new wonderful uses for the headset. 

Pretending I'm Britney Spears and making
my cube neighbor pee her pants laughing by 
surprising her with a breathy rendition of 
"Baby One More Time."

Pretending I'm a nurse taking care of a patient
{the patient is also me because
in my games I have multiple personalities syndrome}
by attaching a heartbeat monitor to their finger.
do you know what I'm talking about?
the thing with the red e.t. light that you get
in the hospital????

please disregard the chipped nail polish. 
this patient had a super serious seizure and 
ruined her manicure. 


Tony said...

I wanna play the Britney/Madonna/Janet game! Can you bring home the headset?

Sandy B. said...

genius! i especially like the heart monitor game.

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