Apr 29, 2010


How do you sign your emails? 
I used to sign:

Thank you, 
Taylor K

But what if I have nothing
to thank them for? 

Dear Sir, 

You're an ass-hat.

Thank you, 
Taylor K

It doesn't work. 

So I've been signing them 

Taylor K


Because I do wish them the best. 
Even if they're an ass-hat. 

Here are some photos from 

They came up when I searched for *best.*
They're the best of the best search. 

I hope you're having the best day ever.

Taylor K
The Magnificent


Alicia said...

i think that best is a perfect way to sign! and that twilight picture cracked me up!!

Peter Faur said...

How about "Sincerely?" As in, "Dear Sir, you are an ass hat. Sincerely, ..."

African Kelli said...

My day is officially better! I usually sign "cheers" or "warm regards"

:) Hope you are having a great week!

Wild and Precious said...

i think i sign all my email different... depends on the mood and if i'm being lazy or not...

p.s. I have vintage glam necklace giveaway I think you might like! www.wild-and-precious.com

Sandy B. said...

i sign BEST too. so weird. ps please stop saying ass hat. that is not a word.

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