Apr 24, 2010


I tutor my former boss' son, Reilly. 
This weekend was his prom. 
I've been, kind of, coaching him 
so that his prom date has a fun prom.
I made sure to have him ask what kind
of flower she likes, what color her
 dress is, et cetera.

Reilly and I were tutoring on Thursday evening
and his mom and aunt were in the other room 
chatting and drinking wine. 
When tutoring ended we all ended up chatting
and I had a glass of wine with them. 
We started talking about prom and how fun 
getting ready is for the girl, blah blah girlstuff blah. 

As I was leaving I said, 
'Reilly, if you want to score big, buy the MOM of 
your prom date a small bouquet of flowers!'

I got blank stares from the mom and aunt
and an, 'Um, hmmm. ok,' 
from Reilly. 

I then realized that I'd used the words
 SCORE and PROM in the same sentence
 which usually mean doing it after the dance, right???

I wanted to say something like, 'I meant score like she'll think 
you're a gentleman! Not score like the S-E-X!' 

But, I decided that I'd done enough damage. 

So I left. 


Did you guys have good prom experiences? 
I would say mine was average. 
My date was shorter than me and I 
didn't know him that well. 


Did anyone do the S-E-X after prom night? 



Summer said...

Ohh I totally laughed at that one. I am always telling the teenagers I coach to keep their panties on at prom or they'll wind up old, fat, stretchmarked and schlepping kids around. Then I let them see just a little peek of what birthing these children has done to the area formerly known as my abdomen. One time, one of them screamed. See why I would stink at being a doula.

Julie Kiefer said...

Lol, just spit on my laptop. My proms were pretty "eh" also. I think that my senior prom date had a crush on me and I was not feeling it.

I really think that prom really is 90% dress.

Who cares about the rest?

Anonymous said...

I had an excellent time at all my proms, I throughly enjoyed tring to get to go to everyschool's prom my freshmen year! my fav was was going with a group of girls to dances though, but having my date dress up and match me was awesome too! And I believe the S-E-x didn't occur until my senior year!

SM said...

-taylor, that is so funny. and it is exactly something i would say. i had two decent prom experiences, jr. year he was mormon and there wasnt even a kiss. senior year it was Donaldo Lopez, and i for sure thought i was going to marry Mr. Lopez, funny how things work out right. either way i kept my womanly virtue. ;)

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