Apr 5, 2010

Music Monday

I keep making the lights go out in and around my cubicle. 
I've decided that it must be because I am a wizard.
Like Harry Potter or Hermoine. 
Remember when that on the down low witch made her 
wand take all of the lights out of the street lights on 
Privet Drive because she doesn't want the 
death eaters to see them?
I do that. 
With my cube lights. 

I just haven't figured out what my wand is. 
I'm thinking it's my pink hi-liter?
Or maybe it's my iPhone?
That thing is definitely magic.

Anyway, whenever I make the lights go out
and Ronaldo 
(same name as Ron Weasley! Coincidence? I think not.)
 has to come change them out
this song gets stuck in my head. 

You're welcome for the 90's boy band badness.


Anonymous said...

yes, youre a wizard!!

Phoenix said...

I'm gonna guess it's your highlighter. It's not bright pink, is it? Those can take out entire city blocks... :)

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