Dec 11, 2009

Celia Believes

Today's post is from the lovely Celia.
I'm so glad that she was the
blogger of the week on Nina's blog a few months ago.
My blog life has definitely improved since finding her.

My name is Celia and these are the things I believe:

1. I believe that everyone should have a pet.

2. I believe that fancy, high thread count sheets are the best sheets. I'm a recent convert on this one.

3. I believe everything always works itself out.

4. I believe there's nothing a glazed donut won't fix.

5. I believe I'd feel more comfortable in a bathing suit if I looked more like Chrissy than Janet. Although, I've always thought that Janet was so cute... so mostly I just believe I'm a big confused idiot.

6. I believe that laughing until your stomach hurts is one of the best feelings in the world.

7. I believe going upside down on a roller coaster is one of the worst feelings in the world.

8. I believe sweaters are the best article of clothing.

9. I believe I should have believed my mom when she used to tell me I was too young to wear makeup.

10. Mostly, I believe that everyone should have the right to marry the person they love. I just wish everyone else would believe this too.
Thanks for playing Celia!
If you would like to participate
please send me an email.


Char said...

oh, yes - sheets are worth the money - get as high a thread count as you can afford. heavenly

Anonymous said...

Isn't she cute? My life got a whole lot better, too!

krista said...

i believe celia is all sorts of awesome.

Sandy B. said...

i believe that this is a really good blog game. thanks taylor.

Y E S indeed to the sheets. tuesday morning has amazing expensive sheets for not so much money. just be patient and you will find them. charisma are my favorite ones. soo worth it.

and if you have really soft sheets, then the person you love is more likely to want to marry you back. good investment.

Celia said...

ha sandy! we got married and then bought the sheets, but that is definitely a good strategy...

Well Hello Chicago said...

celia is such a gem, isn't she? :)

Phoenix said...

Gotta go with Celia on just about every one of these (except the rollercoaster, of course). Definitely the high thread count and people always having the right to be with whom they have chosen...

Right on, girls. Tay, I'm writing up my beliefs as soon as I'm done with this comment :)

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