Dec 14, 2009

Nina Believes

Today's post is from Nina,
one of the best bloggers out there
if you ask me.

I always feel serene after
I read her posts.
{that was a deep serene breath}

Here is Nina's list;

1. i believe fear is a good thing.
 if you haven't felt scared lately, you're not living your life to its fullest. apprehension, discomfort, struggles, tears... although they are no fun, they are all signs that we are evolving human beings.

2. i believe that if we are not disappointing someone,
 we are not being true to ourselves.
a lot of us over-extend ourselves and try to please others (i'm very guilty of this) because of a desperate combination of wanting approval, and wanting to get the most out of each and every day. i believe this is a symptom of underlying anxiety that we are not enough as we are. and ironically, when we over-extend, over-commit, and over-plan, we aren't giving anything or anyone in our lives the attention, time and dedication that it deserves... particularly, our selves.

3. true love is in the everyday.
a few years ago, my father shared with me some wisdom about relationships. he said (in essence): "your relationship is not about that big fight you had yesterday, or your wedding day. it's about all the other days. it's about the day-to-day rituals, the patterns of behavior and the consistent, general attitude you have towards one another. love is not about those really good days or those really cranky days. it's about everything in between: the way you talk about your day, the favors you do for each other without even thinking about it, and the last words you speak to each other before falling asleep at night."

This is a very wise I believe list.
I love it.
Thanks for playing Nina!
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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

awww, i really loved this

Phoenix said...

Fear is totally a good thing! It means we're changing it up! And change, while feared, is a very, very good thing.

Shanley said...

i loved, loved, loved this.

Sandy B. said...

wow miss nina, you believe in amazing things. #2 is a very good chunk of advice. so common for women to "over do". sandy

Unknown said...

thank you for having me! :) xoxox.

Unknown said...

wow, the last thing about love is so true and insightful. i love it. nina is the best.

aaaa said...

wow!! i loved it!! i've never look at the events through these angles.. i really ejoyed reading this post..

nice to meet you by the way :)


Analiese said...

Aw, I love these Nina. I really identify with #2. I'm working on trying to not be such a people pleaser, so this really resonated with me. Thanks for your wise words!

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