Dec 22, 2009

Corie Believes!

Today's post is from Corie who is one of Julie's and my sorority sisters from NAU. :)
I have SO much fun keeping up with her beautiful family
 (especially her adorable daughter, Camdyn) on her blog!
Their world is full of pink cupcakes and hairbows.
And I love it.

I Believe that you don't ever have to grow up, if you don't want too!:)

 I Believe in LOVE at first sight! I experienced it the first time I saw my hubby and when I saw Camdyn's face!

 I Believe that you can NEVER eat too many cupcakes........ or candy for that mater!

I Believe that PINK is the BEST color in the world!

I Believe that the "double "C's" is the best two letters in the world. Not only because of the fashion of Chanel, but also because it is my initials!:)

 I Believe in Santa.....and ALWAYS will. Afterall, if you do not BELIEVE, you do not recieve!

I Believe in sleeping in as late as you want, except when you have a baby!:)

 I Believe that a clean house makes EVERYTHING perfect. Oh, and PERFECT vaccum lines are just BLISS!

I Believe in taking photos EVERY day and capturing the 'story of our life', so when I am old and grey I can remember every last detail!

Thanks SO much for playing Corie!
Can't wait to see your Christmas photos!

if YOU would like to play, please send an email to



Corie said...

Thanks for posting this! Too fun!

cara. said...

agreed on katie nolan. thanks for posting.

and i am loving this "i believe" feature you're doing. it's really encouraging to hear women make statements in such confidence. (:

Anonymous said...

what a sweet idea for blog posts at seasonal time. mind if i steal it?

Anonymous said...

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