Dec 8, 2009

Team Boo Believes

Whoo hoo!
Here goes the first guest blog post.
Team Boo is here to share what they believe.
When you're done reading, go tell her hello. 
This is one of my favorite bloggers and I'm so glad that she chose to participate. She and her family are just adorable.
Thanks so much for playing!

Team Boo Believes;

I believe in God

I believe that my boobs will need
 a surgical lift after this baby is born

I believe that most people just need to "unclench"

I believe kittens should stay kittens forever

I believe in being honest in all your doings
...including being true to yourself.

I believe its okay to eat chocolate every day

I believe no matter what happens, you can do it!

I believe Clay Aiken makes me feel frightened and cold.

I believe there's no such thing as a bad kid...just ones that need more love and listening to

I believe that Oprah is a lifestyle Macgyver.

I believe my day isn't done until i've gotten my hands dirty

I believe its never too late to come to your senses

I believe that the color maroon should not exist

I believe in eternal families

I believe in making love...not beeeeeeds!

****Thanks for sharing Team Boo. I also believe in Oprah, chocolatet and boob jobs. Woot!
If anyone else would like to tell me what YOU believe, send me an email!******


magnolia*mama said...

very cool!! I will try and complete my I believe list by tonight. I can't wait... I am nervous. What DO I believe? haha

Phoenix said...

Lol this is an adorable list of beliefs! I'm so glad you are doing this, Tay. I can't wait to add my list to your roster :)


How cute is this??!! I love that you're doing this, it's so great!

Celia said...

yes, mr. aiken (sp?) creeps me out too.

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