Dec 15, 2009

Jasmine Believes

Today's post is from my fellow
{go oilers}
and a wonderfully creative spirit.
She was also on the Smitten blog, which I think is pretty fancy.
I'm bummed we weren't BFF in high school
but am glad we are blog friends now.
Who else could possibly share my crush for
Mr. Gordon
Honors English Teacher Extraordinaire
who looks just like
No one. That's who.

Here is Jasmine's list;

i believe in love.

i believe that jesus christ is lord.

i believe in the soul.

i believe that decisions should be made and opinions should be formed from a perspective of love.

i believe in rainy days and old movies.

i believe in honoring commitments.

i believe in women. i believe in feminism.

i believe that religion makes God sad.

i believe in hope.

i believe in miracles.

i believe in the bible.

i believe in health care reform.

i believe in giving time and money to the less fortunate.

i believe in sharing smiles with people you pass on the street.

i believe in treating the homeless like human beings, acknowledging their existence.

i believe in high quality food.

i believe that butter makes everything better.

i believe in real sugar. i believe that splenda, equal, and sweet n low are the root of all evil.

i believe in meat.

i believe in christmas magic.

i believe in speaking your mind and making your voice heard, regardless of the consequences.

i believe in imagination.

i believe in spankings.

i believe in chocolate and the beatles.

i believe in crying until you feel better.

i believe in sleeping nine hours per night and drinking sixty ounces of water per day.

i believe in words, friends you've never met, faith, and love at first sight.

i believe in truth and beauty.

i believe in levi, gretel, and lily.

i believe in myself.

and again, i believe in love.

Reading Jasmine's blog
makes a small part of my heart
believe in lovie love (not family love).
And that is difficult to do.
Thank you SO much for sharing.

If you would like to play please send me an email!


Sandy B. said...

i am so with you on the butter and fake sugar. maybe we should start a club? sandy

Phoenix said...

butter really does make everything better...but then, so does chocolate and sleeping nine hours and rainy days and love. :)

I'm with ya, Jasmine!

cara. said...

perfectly put.

great feature!

Mary Grace said...

i believe in almost what she wrote. This is an amazing list.

Unknown said...

so sweet. that last photo melts my heart!!

paddle to shore said...

awww I also believe in smiling at people you come across.

Jo said...

Butter, sugar, old movies, rain, meat, love....all of it!! I'm a believer, too!! :)

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