Dec 17, 2009

Tracey Believes

This post is from Tracey
who is one of the
FUNNIEST bloggers I've ever read.
Her writing style reminds me of
and I hope that someday we can drink
too many martinis together.


that with enough wine, I can solve the world’s problems.

in opening my Christmas presents not on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day but as soon as I discover where Dave has hidden them. I just can‘t wait.

in the church of Do The Right Thing.

that the toilet paper should always come over the top of the roll.

in reading to my children.

that bitching at your husband all the time will get you a divorce.

in taking my makeup off before I go to bed.

in Karma.

that you should always make him wait just a little.

that what you do right now will greatly affect you, positively or negatively, ten years from now.

that sometimes it's really out of your hands.

That “liquor before beer, you're in the clear” is good advice.

that a sense of humor will get you through life.

that Dave will never, ever put the silverware in the right place when he unloads the dishwasher.

that sometimes being immature is fun.

that what goes around comes around.

that girls dress for other girls.

that you should always tell someone if they have toilet paper on their shoe.

that everyone should know how to drive a stick shift.

that everyone should be alone sometimes.

that you should love whoever you want, regardless if you think you should.

that you can never have too many friends.

if you are really angry about something, chances are you are at least partly to blame.

that you should not over-think things.

that if you want it bad enough, and you work hard enough, you will get it eventually.

in never being too available to anyone.

that, if you smoke cigarettes, you will regret it someday.

that sometimes you have to have difficult conversations with people, even though you really don’t want to.

that the older I get, the smarter my dad gets.

that when you go to college, you should major in something you love.

that brothers and sisters should stick together.

that sometimes highly educated people are actually not very smart.

in saying no sometimes.

that actions speak louder than words.

that you should never let a man control you. If he doesn’t like your clothes, your job, your friends or your decisions, don’t stay with him.

that no one should tell you you’re laughing too loud.

that sometimes the journey is more fun than the destination.
Thanks for playing Tracey!
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Phoenix said...

Church of Do The Right Thing! Oh my God (no pun intended), genius! Tracey, this is a great list of things you believe in - I found myself agreeing with quite a lot of them :)

Tay, thanks once again for hosting this - I'm finding so many awesome bloggers because of you!

Julie Kiefer said...

Love this list! I am really filling up my blogger list thanks to you! This is great!

jasmine said...

yessss! the toilet paper SHOULD always come over the top of the roll. and if i'm at your house, and it doesn't...i'm gonna switch it. i just can't help myself.

Unknown said...

My mom always said the toilet paper should roll underneath because...because... actually, I don't know why. I never really questioned her house rule until now..

Anywho, TP aside, I also found myself agreeing with the Church of DTRT. A Great list and a great idea for blog entries!

Anonymous said...

That is so Tracey! She and I met when we were in college, 100 years ago or so, and she hasn't changed one bit--she's awesome.


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