Dec 29, 2009

Mary Grace Believes

Today's post is from a new blogger, Mary Grace.
She, coincidentally, lives sort of near my grandmother's house in Central California!
Very fun.

I believe that:

People should take time, even just a tidbit, to notice and appreciate the beauty around them before it might be too late.

You realize you've fallen in love with someone/something once the world around you suddenly stops for a moment.

Second chances and such opportunities do exist but sometimes are invisible to us.

Everyone has the potential to do/create something. They just got to find it and maybe then master it.

A good laugh is needed everyday.

People working out in the gym is just as self-conscious as you are.

If you're trying to believe in hope, you're hoping.

If you always have someone to hug, you're a very lucky person.
Mary Grace's BEAUTIFUL photo:

And her explanation for choosing this photo:
P.S. The picture is in the attached file. I picked this because I took it on the day after the first rain of this (fall) season halted. Probably not the best shot but the lovely autumnal colors just seemed to pop out for me. My sidekick was the only camera I had @ the moment. People would ask me why I would walk so far to this specific parking spot from my classes. I realized this picture had the reason.
THANKS for playing.
This is one of the last lists that I have.
If anyone still wants to send their's in, feel free!
I'll publish mine soon. :)


JMay said...

That's a GREAT Shot & on a sidekick at that :-)

I love this "I believe" cute :-)

Iva Messy said...

oh my goodness!! what a cute and adorably fabulous "I believe" series!! ;)

Phoenix said...

A good laugh is indeed needed every day...and hope is such a powerful sentiment!

As usual, you found another great blogger, Tay! Thanks for putting this all together and for being so awesome :)

Mary Grace said...
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the real mia said...

That photo is amazing! Happy new year.

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