Aug 7, 2009

birth of tay II

From Mom:

august was seasonally warm in 1982 and i was great with child. you child. my child the most beautiful child i know.

i was hot, 150 lbs, hot, puffy, hot, my toes looked like little smokie link sausages, i felt like a waddling giant balloon.
i was crabby and hot but mostly hot.
and oh did i mention i was tired?
i'd been really very slow for only a few days and i was at the end of my rope.
dad was home that day although i remember none of the activities of that day.
with the exception of the heat.
i had long completed all of the nursery preparation and often went into your bedroom to show you how cute it was.
this was my attempt to entice you out, by showing off your nice room which was all ready for you.
tiny clothes washed in dreft and smelling like a baby.
baby items and lotions and diapers ready and in place.
i was up late on this night and around midnight,
likely because the lights were still on,
aunt cindy barged over dropped in.
she had been out with her friend marna,
marna and cindy came to the door.
marna, mother of three,
took one look at me and predicted that the baby (you)
would come today (now august 7 technically) .
i rolled my eyes and probably made a huffing noise. i went to bed but was restless times a million. i was up and down all night, staying still was impossible, i paced around the house, up and down the hall, in and out of the bathroom (if you know what i mean) i had read in one of my three million baby books that the body naturally cleansed itself in preparation for labor. I of course did not acknowledge this as a sign of my labor and instead rolled my eyes again and continued to pace. dad had gone to bed at a reasonable hour and did not notice my up down up down. shocking. i continued to pace and go back to bed and then up from bed and all around the house until 8 ish in the morning. dad awakened and decided that i was in labor. i denied this and suggested that he time my contractions. there was no consistency in length or duration. i continued to sass him and refused to go to the hospital. he called bee and told on me.


Alicia said...

how sweet is this? i love that she took you to the nursery to entice you out! lol...

Unknown said...

This is just darling. I love this post - what a great "guest" blogger!!!

Happy Birthday, Taylor! Hope this is the best year yet:)

Julie Kiefer said...

gotta love Sambo with all the wit! :)

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