Aug 14, 2009

FYI and 1 ?

Sleep and I have never really gotten along.

Wait, not true.

Allow me to re-phrase.

FALLING asleep and I have never really gotten along.

It has been this way my entire life.

My grandma said that when I was a baby she would


and just when she thought I was drifting off.....

my body would


and my eyes would be wide open.

Nothing has really changed since.

I have a nightly battle between the monsters in my mind and dream land.

But don't you worry.

All of these sleepless nights will pay off one day.

I've not only planned the floorplans for my dream and vacation homes,

but have solved most of the world's issues in these hours of tossing and turning.

So, when I'm the boss things will be delightful.

Anyway, the reason I'm sharing

this is because I slept for 14 hours last night!

Yes. 14 hours.

I had a tummy-ache all day

(also a common problem in my life).

I ran home from work to change for a

wine tasting dinner at LisaG Wine Bar.

My stomach, however, made other plans for the night.

I decided to send a text to Lisa and my friends to tell them

I would be late bc of tum-tum

but would try to make it for the last hour.

I lay down in my wonderful bed around 6p.m.

and didn't wake up until 8a.m.

It was the loveliest sleep.

I feel like one million and one dollars.

Do you decorate your utensils?

You should.

Banana peels are also fun to color on.

Write some inspirational quotes on the peels for your house mates!


Annie said...

writing on a banana peel does sound fun, i'm writing my honey a love note on one when i get home!
glad you got a long nights sleep! your body knows when you need it ;)

Amber Williams said...

You are too cute :-)

I'm glad you got some rest!

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