Aug 7, 2009

birth of tay IV

From Mom:
August 7, 1982

time keeps
ticking ticking ticking
and it is now 3pm ish.
somewhere along the way my water broke
and it was trickling out.
no big gush or champagne pop like on television.
i am slowly progressing,
the baby (you) is still high,
meaning your head was not yet settled
into my hip area where most baby's
(fromTaylor: Smarter than the average baby.
I knew that it was cold and bright out there)
drop a week or so prior to birth.
still high, so my direction is to start pushing.
again, in the books they write that "pushing is the good part".
i am uncomfortable, crabby, scared
and really just wanting to see my baby.
thinking that this journey will never end,
i start getting down to business.
during the day, cindy and dad have been goofing off,
coming and going,
eating the jello
in the hospital cafeteria,
playing with the nurses,
generally having a good ole time.
i am in no mood
and now they finally realize this
and begin paying attention.
the lamaze breathing begins to make sense,
as it is my only weapon in the birthing arsenal.
i am breathing and concentrating like a monk.
having put no real credence into this silly breathing game
i did not bring a focal point.
so i find one in the nice
orange ish wall paper design.
i think it was a swirl.
this swirl became my best friend.
and the labor and delivery nurse.
the clock ticks forward.......
i remain
and sweaty.

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