Aug 25, 2009

Happy Tuesday

I have questions that I need answered;
1) Why do we have eyebrows?
When did people start grooming them?
2) Why when I send two federal express
packages for work does the Florida
package arrive HOURS before the California package?
**I am in Scottsdale, AZ. This makes no sense.**
3) Why can't someone pay me to read blogs all day?
4) Why do I ALWAYS freak out before doctor appointments
and cancel at least two or three times
before I actually go?
This morning's excuse was that I hadn't
pumiced my feet.
Good one, right?
5) Why are cameras so expensive?
The one I want is $800! Rude.


Alicia said...

unfortunately i don't have the answers to those questions....but really???? pumiced feet??? hilarious!

Amber Williams said...

1 - To prevent sweat and items from getting into our eyes?

2 - I don't have an answer for this!

3 - You could probably get this to happen if you angled it correctly.

4 - What the hell kind of DR were you going to?!?

5 - A picture is worth a thousand words?

PS my "CAPTCHA" word verification is crabby .. ha ha

Celia said...

fedex too?!? i thought it was just the post office! i sent out our wedding invites last friday. my fiance's parents got theirs on tuesday. they're in new hampshire. one of my good friends got hers on wednesday. she lives in los angeles... 10 minutes away from me. wha?!?

Red Boots said...

Expensive cameras annoy me too - the manufacturers are just plain mean making them so expensive!! Have you tried ebay, and buying the camera second hand? x

Unknown said...

In the middle ages they would shave their eyebrows off, so grooming eyebrows probably started way before then.

I also wish I could get paid for reading blogs, also for shopping, eating ice cream and watching Tv!

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