Aug 5, 2009


I know, I know. There are a TON of the twins and not as many of the other kids. When I started nannying, digital cameras were not that popular. By the time I pucrchased one, the other kids were so busy running around that I could rarely get photos of them. The twins stayed still more often. :)
Swimming Twinleys
Grace and Maggie
At the Arizona Science Center with Steph

Grace and Taylor...

Samantha and Anna at Sea World (2004ish?)
Goldfish Grace
Maggie is ready for some 3-d!
Grace and Taylor. July, 2005. Liberty Lake, WA

Maggie and Grace after swim lessons. Maggie was not very fond of her swim lessons, hence the red crying face. :(

One of the few times you can get Nick to slow down is when you make him cocoa. :)
Maggie and Tom on our way to Out of Africa


Sandy B. said...

the photo of anna and samantha is from birch aquarium. fyi and just in case any of your bloggers are vacationing in san diego, birch is a fabulous kid friendly, engaging, educational, inexpensive activity.

Taylor K said...

mom, beg to differ. I think the anna and samantha photo was taken when I took both of them to San Diego by themselves, and we stayed at your house,when we had the convertible? I don't think it was the time when I brought the four to San Diego and we went to the birth aquarium. look at how little they are. I think it was when I brought them the first time.

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