Aug 7, 2009

birth of tay VII

From Mom
August 7, 1982

finally at 6ish i was wheeled into the delivery room.

this was back in the day when an expectant mother
labored in one room and delivered in another.
more pushing,
seriously hard this time
and at six twenty my beautiful baby girl joined us.
screaming at first, a loud, long yelp....

then quited as soon as she was in her clean up bin.

the moment you were born,
I reached up to touch your perfect little hand.
the doctor said, "it's a girl."
I smiled and cried on the inside.
I was tired and happy
and you were beautiful and finally here.
a little bundling and I was holding you.
so happy.
you were warm and soft and squeeky
and you smelled like
cotton candy.
this feeling is indescribable.
no words.
a cross between extremem happiness,
like when you get the Christmas present
that you ALWAYS wanted,
yearned for,
saw on TV and KNEW
your parents could never afford it......
nicely blended with that
fabulous contentment
one feels when one is safe,
at home and in one's own bed.

I realize that I have jumped back and forth
between third and first person.
for this I ask your forgiveness.
re-telling this story for the 27th time
still elicits the same magical combination
of elation and security
that I experienced the day
that my baby girl was born.
my grammatical sense goes right
On the day you were born......
my heart was whole for the first time ever......
in my life.....
every day since I have loved you more
and more
and more
and if I were the type to use the word
I would.
you are my sunshine.
I belive in souls and I believe that souls choose to whom they will return.
I am humbled that you picked me to be your mother.
thank you.
happy birthday,
i love you madly,
and I mean madly.

look how toasty you were...

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Julie Kiefer said...

What a great mommy. you are the best Sambo, THE BEST!

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