Aug 7, 2009

thanks bee!

Bee (my grandma) sent treats for the office to celebrate my birthday!
They came straight from this kitchen.
So nice. She even included festive napkins and candles!
She sent.....
Peanut Butter Cookies

Chocolate Chip Bars
(I was too excited to wait for a photo. I had to rip it open immediately.)

And the most delicious, moist, banana bread ever...
I may have tucked this into my purse instead of sharing it with the office like Bee told me to.
It's just too good to share with an entire office. You know?

Here's a photo of Bee and me at my first birthday party.
Yay for being ONE!

Please disregard the label below that says 'Caitlin's First Birthday.'
These photos came from my great grandmother's album and she sometimes got a little confused.
I don't like to crop out her writing in photos, regardless of what it says!
It reminds me of her.
FYI- Caitlin is my cousin, five years my junior.
At least she got the year right!

And here is a video of 'our song.'
We listen to it when we're lonesome for each other.
Sometimes she sings it to me on the phone.
tear, sniff, smile!


Unknown said...

I wish you were here chillen out max with us maybe sharing a crepe or two on your birthday
i will be thinking about you all day while i make a bagillion cupcakes because, apparently, the day after your birthday is the most popular wedding day ever


Unknown said...

oh and p.s-
thanks for giving me a full blown BLOG READING ADDICTION!!!

Molly and Patrick Devinger said...


Corie said...

Happy b-day lady!!! Those treats looking AMAZING from Bee. Ugh, it has be dying for some sweets now!!:)

Annie said...

aw, that is too sweet!!
hope you are having a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN! :)

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