Aug 11, 2009


I love the first day of the month
when I get to RIP off the old month
from my desk calendar.
Hooray for fresh starts.
I have fun things to look forward to this month!
1) Trip to Tucson with Jules to see Fuzz and Bill
2) Tony coming for a visit from Boston
3) Tyson Crosbie's in home art installation
4) Fun workshops that I really hope to attend at Domestic Bliss

I have a superstition (I have lots of them) about putting last month's post its

on the new calendar page.

I have to set them to the side.

My favorite post-its.

Boss man doesn't seem to like them as much.


My favorite summer scent. My mom used to buy this potpourri (Nordstrom, Summer Sorbet) every summer for our house. I keep the candle on my desk for sad days (I seem to be having a lot of them at work lately) and it makes me happy again.


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