Aug 18, 2009

travel tuesday

if I could travel anywhere today it would be HERE.

I would get coffee and croissants HERE.

I would drink lots of wine HERE.


Ashley said...

How cute...I would travel with you and be "there" too! :) Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Celia said...

oooohhh, that hotel is looking very enticing right about now.

as for our song, it's written and performed by our friend, red hunter. it's called "silver sand" and it's pretty much impossible to find, which is lame because i wanted to embed an mp3 on to my post yesterday. however, if you're interested, you can hear some of his stuff here...


Domestic Bliss & FOUND said...

this is great Taylor- my Dad actually lives in Seaside- it is gorgeous. Have you been there?
xoxo have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

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