Dec 31, 2009


Happy New Year All! 
It has been a rough one.
I am glad to see it go. 
My mom sent this
 email to me today.
It is her letter, from me to 2009. 

I cried really hard when I read it. 
My mom is so smart. 
And cute too. :) 

I hope you have a lovely evening! 
I'll be sipping champagne with Marilyn.
{well, with her movies at least.}

Dear 2009,
It is time for you to go now.

  You have been here for a year and
 it is your turn to move on.
  I am glad that you came to visit
i thank you for all of the lessons
 that you brought with you. 
 Good lessons that I will never have to learn again.
  Lessons that I can now cross off my list.
  You did a good job making me stronger and smarter and cuter.  
If being cuter is even possible. 
 And you brought some amazing people into my life.
 Please leave them here when you go.  
You also took some amazing people away from me. 
 I do not like that but i know that you can never take them from my heart, 
even though they are gone from my world.
  You moved some of my people around too. 
 Nice job. 
 I am looking forward to your nicer,
 kinder, more generous friend named Next Year.
  I like him a whole whole lot. 
 I am going to be very open to him and the
 that he is bringing to me tomorrow.
  I am thankful and grateful for you. 
 Tonight i will smudge you out and mr. new year in. 
 I will look at my bubbles and count my blessings.
  i will watch nice smoke take useless memories.
 mistakes and energy out of my window, 
so it can live in the phoenix heat. 
 I will celebrate ME and hug ME (maybe once)
 and cry for ME and appreciate ME for 
managing what you tossed my way this year. 
 Thank you for helping me to improve my catching and throwing skills. 
I will be so happy to see you go.  
 Taylor Kalander


Unknown said...

That is very sweet of your mom! And what a good letter. I wish you the best for 2010:) Have a very happy New Year!

jasmine said...

awwwww! that was so sweet. i would have cried too. happy new year, taylor!

Fariha M said...

that was the cutest thing ever! your mom is awesome!!! Have a great new year taylor!

Corie said...

SO SWEET and so cute! Your mom is the best....and so are you! xo Hope your New Year as fantastic as I think you are!

nicole said...

i love that letter :)

all the best for 2010 :)

Anonymous said...

you are super cute tay!

Julie Kiefer said...

Gotta love Sambo-wisdom. She really is like a blonde little yoda sometimes. :)

Phoenix said...

Great letter! What a fantastic idea!

Anonymous said...

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