Dec 13, 2009

My Issa Believes

For five years (in college) I was a nanny for the same family. One summer, the mother of the family gave birth to twin girls. They already had four children, all under the age of five, so needless to say it was a CHAOTIC time. {Five years later the family now has 9 children, but that's a whole different blog post} We knew we needed to bring someone else in to help with the kiddos. We knew the mom and babies would be in the hospital for awhile and that I couldn't handle the four kids under five on my own all the time. The mother's best friend offered her nanny for a couple of months. I was kind of hesitant, kind of not looking forward to someone new coming into the mix. It's always a little strange when you take care of children to have a new person coming onto your turf. The only thing I really knew about her was that she is Mormon. I am agnostic, sarcastic, boozy and have a tendency to mutter obscenities under my breath.
{I know, great nanny material, right?}
 Needless to say, I didn't think we would be a great match but I was willing to give it a try because I knew how desperately we would need help.
I. Could. Not. Have. Been. More. Off. Base.
Clarissa and I became FAST friends, then fast BEST friends, then we completely surpassed the friendship zone and became like sisters. I have never gotten to know someone so well in such a short amount of time. I have never been accepted into someone's family so lovingly and I am SO glad that I have her in my life. She has since moved to Washington D.C., married a wonderful man named Christian with whom she has a darling, sweet, spitfire little girl. I was lucky to be a part of their wedding last March and loved being wrapped in her love again, if only for a few days. She's the kind of friend your heart aches to be around.
P.S. Be friends with Mormons! Permanent designated drivers. Score!
Ok, I am done rambling now and am ready to give you the list of things she believes!

 I believe...

I've asked myself many times what I truly believe. I have very deep and rooted beliefs and understandings and I have great faith in many, many things, so I'd like to mention just a few things that I believe.

I believe that religions should be a means of building bridges and not barriers.

I believe that there are things other than chocolate that can solve all problems. (I just have to name a few: Coco Mademoiselle {YES!}, just a small sniff can bring me back to some of the best memories of my life. Listening to old phone messages from nieces and nephews. Giving kisses to babies. David Phelps singing "No More Night.")

I believe that dreams really can come true.

I believe in the great power of a nap.

I believe in clean bathrooms.

I believe all babies should smell like babies!!

I believe my wedding day was the best day of my life. (so far)

I believe in the comfort a
grilled cheese sandwich
and a bowl of soup can bring.

I believe bathrooms should never be purple, bedrooms should never be red and front doors should never be mauve.

I believe I should read more good books.

I believe I can learn how to cook.

I believe I have the best friends a girl could ever hope, pray and beg for.

I believe I am much greater than I think I am.
 I believe we all are.

I believe we are blessed more than we could ever realize.

I believe I could keep on going, and I believe I could expound so much upon these beliefs, but I also believe that sometimes I say too much and I believe this is probably a good place to stop.
Thanks for playing Issa!
I miss you.
I love you.
I think you're the best.
check out Clarissa's blog here.
If anyone would like to play please send me an email.


Ashley said...

What a sweet post. I am so glad that you made a new friend in someone you didn't think you could. I honestly love when that happens. :) She is lucky to have a friend like you!

Clarissa Jane said...

Ashley is SO right. I am the luckiest girl in the world.
P.S. Tay, if you didn't catch the Coco Mademoiselle pitch... those memories are of our crazy days in Flag. I can't smell that stuff without being reminded how much I love you!!
Miss you.

Phoenix said...

LOL I loved the "designated driver" comment. Issa sounds like such a beautiful spirit - and she's right, a grilled cheese sandwich fixes just about anything.

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